Working in the gambling industry also means that I developed a passion for online games as well. Even though i’m responsible for developing casino games, I also like to play them once in a while. Sometimes I visit my favorite kind of online casino to play on a slot machine, which is always the same one: Jack and the Beanstalk. There are many reasons why I prefer to play this game, but the most relevant one is that I really like the storytelling. The design and features of the game are so well made and very pleasing to look at. I really enjoy the introduction video, because it is really animated and different from other slot machines. In this article I will explain a little bit more why this has become my favorite online casino game.

The online slot machine Jack and the Beanstalk is based on the popular fairytale we all know about. This boy Jack is stealing gold from a big giant by growing a beanstalk with magic beans, any bells ringing? The slot machine has kept the exact same story and that is what makes playing Jack and the Beanstalk so much fun. Next to that, this game offers so many different features while playing it!
This slot machine is definitely far from boring thanks to the graphics and symbols that are used in this game. Also, this game offers you a lot of free spins which I personally love receiving. I mean, using free spins can give you so many benefits. You can use them without spending any money and I really like that part while playing. I would like to get free spins all the time!

You can play Jack and the Beanstalk at almost every online casino, which is perfect. You should definitely try out this game, because it is so much fun. You can play it for hours without even noticing! The game is such an inspiration to me, since I can use more creativity in my own game developments. Game design is such a great part of my job and I still really enjoying it everyday. Hopefully I will be able to develop a game like Jack and the Beanstalk someday, that would be so nice.

Last week i’ve read in an online magazine that there are two markets active right now that are attracting more and more people everyday; online gambling and cryptocurrency. Moreover, ninjatrader trading platform review showed us many similarities between those types of markets and that’s very interesting. Since I am working in the online gambling industry, it is very important for me to look at those similarities and also use this information in advantage. Maybe it’s possible for me to expand my services to the financial industry in the future. Also the ninjatrader trading platform review said that things will change drastically the upcoming year, so maybe it is better to wait just a little bit. I don’t know, the financial industry sounds very intriguing, but in the meantime I will just keep working in the online gambling business, because I know that this is what i’m passionate about!