Hi there! My name’s David Norwich, and I am excited to help people get into two of the things that I myself have grown attached to: game development and the online casinos industry (which in a lot of ways are alike). I was born and raised in Liverpool (for you foreigners, it is a wonderful city in the UK’s Great Britain!), and quite frankly, you couldn’t force me out of here at gunpoint. Liverpool is neither too big or too small – both of which would be just a bit too grating for someone like me. Some of my favourite things to do here are to hit up the Awesome Walls Climbing Centre or to visit the Walker Art Gallery (both inspire me in my endeavours, though in drastically different ways). My friends and family think of me as a pretty swell guy, though I can be a bit spacey at times – for instance, this tangent I’ve gone on! Moving on…

As I said earlier, I have set up this blog to help readers better understand how to get better at the above-mentioned industries. My experience in game development is freelance, and I have done work here and there to help elevate various games on digital storefronts. Games I’ve worked on have appeared on Apple’s App Store, the Amazon App Store, Google Play, Steam, and more, which has made me happier than a school girl. I may still be on the upswing with respect to game development, but in the past few years that I have been at it, I feel that I have come a long way. Specifically, this blog will deal with designing online gambling apps and websites, as well as touching upon games that tap into players’ desire to gamble. These subjects will include:

* General game design education – Learning about the technical side and the business side
* How to create strong game retention features like offering free spins no deposit bonuses and oranje casino bonus.
* Gambling in free-to-play games – How to incorporate it naturally
* Designing gambling apps/slot machines and websites – How to stand out among the crowd
* Success in game design – Going beyond simply making a quality game and making a game that people will remember
* Maybe considering in diving into the financial industry. I wrote a story about my interest, If you want to read more click here.